First asparagus

asparagusWell, here’s a first: fresh asparagus on April 3rd.

This is my first cut of the year, and the first ever cut from the asparagus bed I put in two years ago.

It’s a bit mad that it’s coming so early. It would normally be mid-April, at the earliest, for the first spears. We’ve had two untypically warm weeks, though, so the soil is warming up already.

Mrs Soilman and I will scoff these tonight with melted butter and perhaps a sprinkling of freshly grated parmesan.

Mmmmm… there’s nothing like the simple pleasures.

12 Responses to “First asparagus”

  1. Rham Says:

    Nothing quite like it indeed! My allotment in London has not produced any spears yet, not even a hint, but I could see that there are others neighbours on my site that are as lucky as you. Well, maybe next week then…

  2. Mal Says:

    Dead jealous. All being well, that’ll be me in two years time!!!


  3. the Manic Gardener Says:

    I’m jealous, even though the warm weather is a bit scary. The only thing up in our Montana garden is snowbells. And today it’s snowing.

  4. Tanya Walton Says:

    Asparagus is one of my favourites…unfortunately I waited too long to plant mine last year so I fear I had killed it off before I got it in the ground…..I guess this just means another two years of waiting for fresh Asparagus instead of one.. 🙁

  5. Magic Cochin Says:

    OMG is it that time already! Just checked last year’s blog posts and I cut the first spears on 18th April in 2010.

    So – have just checked our asparagus bed (confession: I have yet to tidy it up after last year) and yes! We have some spears too!

    I’ll be out there at lunchtime carefully clearing last year’s fern and the weeds!


    PS – do you think leaving the fern over the winter helped?

  6. Soilman Says:

    Hi Celia,

    Yes, it was a stroke of genius (well, stroke of idleness more like).

    Not only did it stop weeds growing in the bed, but I think it’s also warmed the soil up a bit earlier (more insulation), so I’m getting asparagus earlier….

  7. carrie Says:

    we have some tips poking through – i can’t wait! *hops from one foot to the other*

  8. Jane Says:

    can’t see any signs of my asparagus yet

    enjoy your spears


  9. Jane Says:

    Just rechecked the raised bed and lo and behold 5 spears have appeared!

  10. Soilman Says:

    It will grow VERY fast in this warm weather, Jane – up to three inches a day. So go back and check regularly from now on!

  11. mediaOrganic Says:

    Fresh asparagus is the BEST! I found our first spear protruding from the soil yesterday. This is the fourth season for our patch. Last year was supposed to be the first full harvest year but was a bit of a disappointment, too many thin, spindly spears. We made some amendments to the bed last fall and added several inches of soil. Supposedly, planting deeper yields fewer but thicker spears. Fingers crossed.

  12. Trevor Says:

    Lucky you! I love asparagus. I tried growing it a couple of years ago but nothing appeared so l grow Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli. Not quite the same but it is beautiful with some melted butter and fills this ‘hungry gap’. Great blog by the way.