Big head, small feet?

Desiree potato flowersI totally see why our forebears thought potatoes were ornamental. Planted en masse, they’re very beautiful. Especially the ones with pink and violet flowers.

I’m growing some old maincrop favourites this season – Desirée, Vitelotte – but also some new ones: Golden Wonder (I have a weakness for chips) and a weird one called Mr Yetholm’s Little Gypsy. The latter will probably be shit. It’s clearly special interest (and therefore special needs), and the plants have not exactly thrived thus far.

The Golden Wonder, on the other hand, have produced the tallest and bushiest potato haulms I ever saw. They’re massive.

Does this mean I’ll get a massive crop? Or – as my jaundiced/experienced/cynical heart tells me – lots on top and fuck-all underneath?

3 Responses to “Big head, small feet?”

  1. Ronnie Says:

    I am also growing Golden Wonder for the first time this year. Like you I am amazed at the height they’ve put on and commented to a fellow plotholder that I hoped they aren’t going to be all top growth and no spuds. But some sites comment on them being the tallest variety — and with that amount of top growth there must be a lot of potential for a big crop. Fingers crossed anyway!

  2. Ronnie Says:

    Apologies to Soilman, since this is a response to Kevin.

    If you are interested in good chippers, then try Kestrel(2nd early) next year — dry, golden chips to die for — and I suppose, no matter how good chips they are, they are in fact likely to contribute towards our demise

  3. Soilman Says:

    To date, Kevin, my favourite chipping potato is Arran Victory. They’re floury, crispy when fried, and have terrific flavour. Will report back on the Wonders.