Frosted potatoes. Yet again.

Frosted potatoesBugger, bugger, bugger, bugger.

This year really is turning out just like last. No rain, then spuds frosted in May. Bang go my hopes of new potatoes before June.

Oddly, though, I already feel stirrings of what the French – with genius – call j’en-foutisme (untranslatable in proper English, but rough meaning: “Don’t-give-a-fuck-ism”). So last year was shit, now this one is too.

So what? At 42 years old, perhaps it’s time I started worrying about things that actually matter?

Update, 7th May: I see from my incoming Google traffic that LOTS of you, like me, got caught out by the frost. Don’t panic if you’ve not seen this before: Potatoes DO recover from frost damage. It just sets them back a few weeks and may slightly lower yield. A pain, but not a disaster.

12 Responses to “Frosted potatoes. Yet again.”

  1. Ed Says:

    My first earlies, because of the warm weather and despite having been earthed up twice, were a foot above ground. They got well zapped last night. I live in the SW – I expect rain and frost-free Mays fir Gid’s sake – not drought and blackened spuds. Don’t know what thus country is coming to …..

  2. Mal Says:

    That’s tough SM. Surely they’ll bounce back?
    Next year grow some Epicure – They are reputedly good at recovering from frost. Also they taste bloody good.

  3. The Idiot Says:

    Frost? Where the bloody hell do you live? I don’t think we’ve had a low of 6 degrees here recently; it’s only when it’s 4 or below I worry!

    Mine got frost damage in May last year and lived to produce bloody good crops!

  4. Magic Cochin Says:


    Resist the temptation of planting too early – unless you cover your spuds with fleece till end of May.

    I’m sticking to my late father’s advice to plant potatoes on Good Friday whatever date that falls on. In fact I did plant a few days earlier, and have been earthing up.

    BUT did forget to put the fleece over the strawberries – going to check the flowers now – fingers crossed there are no black dots in the centres :-/


  5. Simon Says:

    Now I’m worried. I can’t check my spuds or strawberries as I’m far from home … maybe the frost god was looking the other way. I guess I’ll find out at the weekend.

    But the frost will have done great things to your parsnips, SM. They will be extra tasty now, if you haven’t already junked them.


  6. Beth Says:

    Oh bugger… that means mine will be too. Damn and blast it!

    Ah well, will go and survey the damage on Saturday…

  7. allotofveg Says:

    Oh no!
    I got the covers on mine but others at the allotment weren’t so lucky. Bet they will bounce back.
    On the plus side at least you can have a good rant…

  8. Cazaux Says:

    Jack frost has its place in autumn and winter. To show his face after several weeks of ideal foliage growth porves that he’s a w@nk3r with an evil sense of humour.

    My spuds looked text book healthy. earthed up twice and a mulch five inches deep of cut grass and they still took a whooping off the back of that frost. Devistated for twenty minutes, my wife came out to see me with a can of stella and helped me deadhead the carnage. What a gal.

    Thank you for reminding me not to give a monkeys. they are not dead and although serously battered he didn’t finish the job properly and we will have potatoes all be it three weeks later than the best scenario.

  9. soyo Says:

    My Rocket first earlies planted in a black container in early march near the house ( so prob a bit more protected )are now in flower bud. Does this mean they are ready to harvest? (sorry for post hijack)

  10. Tanya Walton Says:

    My spuds were unaffected…but not everyone on the plot was so lucky…it was as if the frost had extra fun picking different things on different plots to terrorize!!

  11. Lyn Says:

    Hope the spuds are recovering well.

    Not that it’s awfully important, but that bit of French is actually je m’en foutisme – your translation was bang on, though!

  12. Soilman Says:

    No, it IS important Lyn. And you are, of course, absolutely right.

    I’m sorry to say I wrote it à la maniere de sa prononciation habituelle…