Allotment staycationing

allotment pictureIt’s the time of year when everything’s a-bloomin’ and a-fruitin’. Some nice raspberries, and the early spuds are at last producing.

Sadly, so are the weeds. But that’s life.

In other news, Mrs S has determined that for our holidays this year we’re going… nowhere. Instead, we’re having a ‘staycation’ and remaining firmly at home.

I could kiss her (and will, actually). Jaded as I am by the traditional Soilman holiday, I was getting very antsy at the prospect of an aeroplane trip – any aeroplane trip.

Knowing I don’t have to do it fills me with exquisite relief. No puce-faced child. No screaming blue murder in my ear. No ill-fitting nappies (diapers) leaking their contents on to my trouser leg. No need to spend half my salary at the osteopath on return.

Instead I’ll have a fortnight on the allotment – weather permitting. And how bloody marvellous will that be?

8 Responses to “Allotment staycationing”

  1. Magic Cochin Says:

    🙂 That will do you a power of good!

    … and the allotment will look fantastic and Mrs S will have lots of delicious freshly harvested food and a she won’t have a grumpy old Soilman spoiling her life.


  2. Emily Says:

    Great idea! We will be doing the exact same. You could theme each day with different music to represent a place around the world. Hawaiian, Jamaican, Cuba…


  3. Rampant_Weasel Says:

    In between weeding nip over to shropshire and have a look a the nt place attingham park. It has a very large and inspiring walled kitchen garden

  4. Tanya Walton Says:

    Well I guess we will definitely get the rain we have all been longing for if you have the chance of a whole fortnight on the plot SM….only joking…I hope the weather stays fair for you to enjoy your ‘staycation’!!

  5. Beth Says:

    How lovely 🙂

    Seems a shame to go away when all the flowers are blooming anyway 🙂

  6. Mal Says:

    The voice of sanity! – I’m aerophobic too, and whenever we go anywhere in the UK I seek out the nearest vegetable garden…. and worry. Why not face facts… stay at home and REALLY get ahead of the weeds!

  7. altadenahiker Says:

    It pays to shop around. You might find another brand of nappy fits you better.

  8. Jo Says:

    You should win prizes for the best kept allotment if you’ve got a full fortnight to spend on it. We gave up holidays abroad a couple of years ago, we’re spending a week in Cornwall and a week in Devon this year.