Mixed allotment produce

mixed allotment produceWhat an miserable summer it’s been. Even September – usually dependably lovely – has let us down this year.

Having said that, the endless rain has given me some astonishing crops. This is just one trugful. I’ve been getting this every week for months.

That’s not to say everything’s been good, of course. Potatoes got blight VERY early and yields suffered accordingly. The corn didn’t like it much, either.

But everything else has gone bananas. I’ve had the best beetroot, onions, courgettes and carrots I can ever remember. The courgettes, in particular, are a menace. I am already a leper to my neighbours – to be avoided at all costs, lest I attempt to foist a courgette upon them.

How did you do this season?

6 Responses to “Mixed allotment produce”

  1. Tanya Walton Says:

    Well every year there is going to be something that doesn’t like the climate that hits us…probably just as well…your neighbours would hate you even more if you tried to force the same things down their throats every year!!

  2. betico Says:

    my courgettes have been very generous this year. they have just kept on giving (and continue to do so). onions have been on their game, but cucumbers and runner beans have been rather disappointing.


  3. Kath Says:

    I live in a maritime climate so growing heat loving plants can be a challenge. We didn’t have any sustained warm weather until mid-July and prior to that lots of rain and overcast. In spite of all that I’ve had a bumper crop of tomatoes, the corn is over 6 feet tall and the herbs are romping over everything else. The plants that didn’t do well were the cool season plants…lettuce, broccoli, etc. About the time I think I know a thing or two about gardening I’m again confounded by my garden.

  4. Darren T Says:

    Runner beans a-go-go, kale, potatoes, salads all doing well. Good crop of strawberries earlier in the year. Like Kevin I’ve had a bad year for toms.

  5. Beth Says:

    Pretty well really- potatoes were small and corn didn’t really get going but otherwise everything else seems to be good. I am now just crossing my fingers that my squashes ripen in time.

  6. delcatto Says:

    Tomatoes, cucumbers (first time I tried ’em) and salad veg were really good. I’m trying to decide what to grow over winter… cabbages perhaps? I also need to try garlic again after my abject failure last year.