Disappearing rain

A follow-up to my rain rant…

This Spring is running true to form with last. It’s already three weeks since the last significant rainfall, and the weather forecasts are exactly the same: scattered showers are always predicted for tomorrow or the day after… but on the morning of ‘rain day’ the forecast mysteriously changes. The showers are suddenly nowhere to be seen.

I swear these guys forecast by looking out of the sodding window.

PS Today I was reduced to watering my potatoes. In April.

6 Responses to “Disappearing rain”

  1. Damo Says:

    They are useless aren’t they. Same here supposedly showers this afternoon, result bone dry!

  2. Jody Says:

    I would share some precipitation with you if I could. We’re in Pennsylvania and our garden needs a break from the rain.

  3. Tanya Walton Says:

    I have only had my plot for four years but I have never watered my potatoes…or come to think of it any of my plot in all that time!!

  4. Jerry C. Says:


    Out here in the Pacific Northwest we’re running out of Ds to describe current climatic conditions; dank, dreary, depressing, dour, drab, dismal, damp, dull; you get the idea… Must be careful about planting my Amish Snap peas, too early and they rot in the ground, to late and they bolt to shoe leather. Three years ago I planted them three times before they finally germinated… Only thing to do now with PNW tilth is to show at the pitch and play pub-league football in the muck… while I ponder set-pieces, you’re posin’ with yer potatoes; ain’t maritime climes grand?

  5. Soilman Says:

    Deepest sympathies, Jerry. We know how THAT feels in the UK. Or at least, we used to…

  6. Kacee Says:

    We are also in PA, TOO MUCH RAIN. We are trying to get 50 acres of hay in the ground but we can’t even get a break to work the soil. Please take ours!!