Ready for Summer. Even though it’s Spring…

gay sunglassesForecast is outrageous (27C, unbroken sunshine, buzzing bees, tweeting birdies etc etc), so I’m donning my gayest pair of shades for a day of flouncing about on the plot. By close of play I will be puce red, shit-smeared, sweat-sodden and very, very happy.


Does anyone else find this weather a little… creepy? I mean, it’s April. FFS. We do not get 27C in April in this country. Most years, we never see 27C ALL YEAR.

I’m enjoying it – believe me, I really am – but at the same time I’m freaked out.

7 Responses to “Ready for Summer. Even though it’s Spring…”

  1. Arran Says:

    There really is nothing nicer than messy about during the sunny weekend but the weather has me a little freaked to, and I keep having the nagging thoughts of water shortage in the summer… I hate carrying 5 gallon containers of water to the garden for the chucks and plants.
    Still at least I look cool in my ridiculous shorts and 80s sunglasses.

  2. Rampant_Weasel Says:

    i fear when it does rain it wont know when to stop, and am desperatly worried that it will happen in may…when i like to have a few days away 🙂

  3. Damo Says:

    Just worried this is it, come mid-May the heavens will open and there’ll be flooding stories back on the News. Sat under the apple tree yesterday afternoon, blazing hot sun, listening to thunder rumbling in the distance, very surreal for April.

  4. mediaOrganic Says:

    In New England we’re struggling to see 10C. My cold weather crops – radishes, lettuces, broccoli, raab, arugula – were planted a month ago and are just getting their second set of leaves…and they’re under row covers. I have plans for some of these beds for summer crops, only a few weeks away.

    On a happier note we’ll be getting a nice harvest of asparagus later this week.

  5. rainman Says:

    Well, over here in NZ signs of winter are finally starting, although it’s been a cracker of an autumn, if a little dry. Today is relatively cold and wet, and it’s 19C out there. Still generally in shorts and T-shirts, with a jumper required in the evenings sometimes. My yacons would normally have flowered and be dying off by now but they haven’t even started… it’s just all a bit weird.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not very keen on winter (although it’s less of a big deal here than there), but it would be nice to know what the seasons were up to so I could know when to get the next set of crops in.

  6. Tanya Walton Says:

    I am just worried that we are going to go back to our normal temperatures and i will lose everything I have planted that has done so well!!

  7. Chitfaced Says:

    Was so taken aback by the weather and went at it (the garden) with such gusto, ran amok and consequently ran out of things to do. End up weeding the crazy paving, which was not the most glamorous thing I’d envisaged for the Easter weekend.