Rats are eating my corn

corn cobsBastard rats.

This hasn’t been a problem – much – on my plot before. Dunno why. Plenty of my neighbours get their corn scoffed. Mine has always largely escaped.

Not this year. Fucking rodents have murdered most of it.

My theory: the corn didn’t grow very tall this year. Too little water in a very warm spring, and too much since.

The result is smaller plants that rats can climb more easily.

Perhaps that’s bollocks. Any theories?

7 Responses to “Rats are eating my corn”

  1. Tanya @ Lovely Greens Says:

    It’s been a poor summer and I’d bet the longtails are hungry! Are you sure the culprits aren’t rooks though? If so, it helps to put paper bags over your cobs.

  2. kelzibear Says:

    We have had the same problem, we noticed yesterday that our allotment neighbours had used plastic bottles over the cobs. I only wish they had told us of their secret plan to out wit the rodent invaders!

  3. Kath Says:

    Mmmm, I’ve never had rats go after my corn, but I have had crows (rooks?) and racoons (do you have racoons in the UK?)go after it. The racoons are pretty bold about it. They will grab an ear of corn right in front of you and then laugh as you try and scare them away. Almost anything you can put over the ears of corn will discourage most predators except racoons. Are the corn stalks still standing? Our racoons have alwasy pulled down the stalks to get at the corn.

  4. Soilman Says:

    No racoons here, Kath, but you wouldn’t know it from the ‘101 Dalmatians’ movie from a few years ago (the one with Glenn Close). English countryside was hilariously full of racoons… and even a skunk, I recall.

  5. Tanya Walton Says:

    No theories at all….Maybe it is different rats and they have a different run….so your corn is in there path. Maybe they thought yours looked tastier????

    It’s annoying I know…but these things happen and if we let everything get to us we would all have stopped growing our own years ago!!

  6. VP Says:

    Dunno – the badger gets ours 🙁

  7. delcatto Says:

    You need a terrier with attitude, although I believe all terriers have an attitude! I gave up my allotment & use the garden which has three cats. Lazy ’til they espy rodents, birds, frogs, ham…