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Too wet for anything

Apologies for total silence on these pages. Reason: Some moron made the predictable error of claiming Britain was facing a terrible drought, and might face water rationing for years.

Consequence: The wettest April since records began. I’ve hardly been able to set foot outside for three weeks.

They really should know better. Look up the name Dennis Howell and learn from history.

Because they’re mostly morons, human beings forget that there is no such thing as an average year. No year is ever average. It’s above average in certain indices (sometimes well above) or below average (ditto). The average is an approximate halfway point between the normal extremes.

Sure, we’ve had two dry winters. But the year I moved into my my current home, the lawn was underwater from November until February. It will be that way again sooner or later. Probably – because of the law of averages – sooner.

Posted on 3rd May 2012
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