Strawberries are go!

Strawberry runnes They came in the post Friday pm (variety: Cambridge Favourite), so today I hoiked ’em in. God knows if I’ve done it right. Never even seen a bare-root strawberry before. I just buried the roots and left the crown above the soil, then gave them a good watering.

This will work… right?

Onion setsIn other news, the onion sets are now planted as well (click the thumbnail to enlarge). I had to water them in, incredibly. The ground is so dry – already – that clouds of dust fly up the moment you put a spade in.

God knows what it will be like come July. But obviously, being me, I fear the worst.

15 Responses to “Strawberries are go!”

  1. Rampant_Weasel Says:

    i think can go someway to alleviate your manic depression about strawberrys – i planted 12 last year and something ate 10 of them.however there were that many runners i have a bed full for this year.
    strawberrys maybe the perfect crop for you – they can recover from near total disaster 😉

  2. Soilman Says:

    Ha! That DOES sound perfect, Weasel. I need crops that thrive under a regime of benign neglect…

  3. Magic Cochin Says:

    Good choice 😉


  4. altadenahiker Says:

    Your drought is making big news over here. When you said you couldn’t use a hosepipe, I wondered what the hell that was. Just wondered, mind you; I was too lazy to look it up. But a hosepipe is nothing but an ordinary garden hose. Why didn’t you say so?

    We’ve had all manner of water rationing in California, but they’ve never banned hoses. They wouldn’t dare.

  5. Rampant_Weasel Says:

    what would the public do if they did ban them?

  6. Soilman Says:

    This is, as I’ve remarked before, the problem with international English, Altadenahiker. Nobody understands what the fuck anybody else means. Even though we’re all speaking the same language.

  7. Frozen Earth Says:

    I’ve grown more strawberries of more clones and more species than I care to admit. They are tough monkeys, with one Achilles’ heel, when they are getting established they need to be watered. You can’t really over water them, but you certainly can kill them with drought. Once they are established they’ll survive just about anything. Now getting a good crop – that’s another story for another day. Good luck Soilman, I’m sure you’ll do fine.

  8. Soilman Says:

    Are there little notches eaten into the edges of all the leaves Kevin?

  9. Soilman Says:

    Sounds like Pea and Bean Weevil. Hard to ‘solve’, I’m afraid…

    I get it every year. Usually solves itself when the peas grow a little bigger.

  10. PermyGal Says:

    Hey, strawberries like straw.

  11. Soilman Says:

    Not til they’re a bit bigger, Permygal!

  12. Tanya Walton Says:

    That’s what I would have done with the strawberries..though have never had them like this before either.

    I still don’t have my onion sets in. Our ground isn’t dry underneath…maybe we are just lucky. Right now we have torrential rain so maybe it was a good thing I waited…nice soft earth to dig if it ever stops!!

  13. altadenahiker Says:

    I think I got about 15 strawberries from my 5 starts last year (sadly, starts which are among the dearly departed this year). To their credit, at least eight of the strawberries were very tasty.

  14. Darren T Says:

    I planted a dozen Cambridge Favourite in a raised bed last year – good cropper and more runners than I knew what do do with. I potted up a couple of dozen for giveaways to the neighbours, but must have cut off and chucked out several dozen more. Good variety, very vigorous.

  15. sylvan Says:

    my peas get nibbled too… but I agree they do ok once they get bigger, doesn’t seem to affect how well they crop either,
    don’t grow strawberries – allergic!