Duck à la cauliflower

cauliflowersTime for some nauseating smugness and self-congratulation.

As ever (gotta LOVE that hubris), my cauliflowers have been a triumph. The weather’s helped; wet ‘n’ windy suits brassicas very well.

The fridge is stuffed with cauliflowers and I’m trying to dream up ever madder recipes for them. ‘Duck à la choux-fleur’ wasn’t too successful, but cauliflower cheese soup was. Recipe:

  • Boil softened onion and cauliflower florets (lots of ’em) in chicken stock for 30 mins
  • Liquidise
  • Add grated cheese (strong cheddar) and melt it

Simple, but dead nice.

7 Responses to “Duck à la cauliflower”

  1. jeane Says:

    I highly recommend this.

    It will see off your cauliflower cheese soup version any day of the week.

  2. altadenahiker Says:

    I love cauliflower-type soups. Here’s one: Saute onion and garlic, add cauliflower and small potatoes (give both a rough copy first). Add spinach until just wilted. Put through food processor.

  3. Tanya Walton Says:

    I have no cauliflowers at all…and I certainly don’t have brassicas big enough to eat. Like your simple recipe for the soup…now if I just had some decent caulis to make it with!!

  4. JerryC Says:


    Nice work with the choux-fleur, I like the florets roasted with salt… I also make a thick mustard sauce and can the behemoths in quart jars; nice with chops in the dead of winter… Good to see your garden performing, mine has been neglected too long… oh well, time to do something about it but I have to mow the hay field around it first.

  5. Mark and Gaz Says:

    Love the recipe.

    My fave way of treating cauliflowers is roasted with othe rmixed veg.

  6. Soilman Says:

    Well done Kevin! Sorry about slow reply… Have been on hols.

    I must try the resista varieties….

  7. Damo Says:

    Cracking looking caulies and a great recipe.