sweetcorn, potatoes, squashesCame back from a holiday fortnight in the USA to find my vegetable plot bulging with produce. The rain has brought massive crops of everything, including weeds.

My, but you Americans live well. We toured New England, Montreal, Toronto and Niagara then drove down to Cape Cod for a few days. It was all beautiful and affecting (I saw a real, live groundhog! Up close!). Haven’t enjoyed myself as much in years.

As usual, I felt profoundly grateful to be a citizen of the 51st state (or as we might prefer to see it – winks – the 1st state) and privileged to have a historical, biological and political connection with our cousins across the pond.

I’m never embarrassed to say: God bless America (and, er, Canada).

12 Responses to “Harvest-tastic”

  1. rainman Says:

    Good to see you happy and sounding relaxed(not that you’re a total gloomy bastard the rest of the time, mind you).

    And good harvest, I’m mildly green with envy. My garden is a swamp drowning in both water and buttercups (wet season at the moment). The only things getting anything out of it are the slugs and snails. So, as they say down here… onya mate.

  2. Northsider Says:

    Please tell us more about the American trip Soilman? I hope one day to do the Route 66 tour and see the Amish community tending the lands with no cars just horses. They fascinate me.

  3. Julie Says:

    What a change in tone from your regular posts. Pleased that a trip to our hemisphere was uplifting. (You can be a bit of a sad bastard.)

  4. Jerry C Says:

    Happy Trails SM!

    Delighted you enjoyed our Puritan culture. Forget Twain and Alexis de Tocqueville, free to read “American Psycho” by Bret Easton Ellis to discover who we yanks really are!

    Our seashores are very nice, but before you gush too much about the American experience, you might visit Kansas where the residents’ brainwaves match the regional topography. Here in Red State America the vernacular term, “dumber than dirt” is as ubiquitous as the parched rows of wheat and corn.

    Nice to read about your garden; it must have been pleasing to return to a bountiful Eden.

    By the way SM, GB is our 52nd state; how dare you interject between US and Israel…

  5. notjustgreenfingers Says:

    Just found your blog…your sweetcorn is way infront of mine…enjoy

  6. Soilman Says:

    Northsider: Didn’t see any Amish – didn’t go anywhere near Pennsylvania. Had a few days in Boston, then travelled up to Stowe, Vermont (beautiful place), then to Montreal, down to Toronto, one night in Niagara, then back via the White Mountains in Vermont again on the way to Cape Cod. Back from Boston. It was perhaps a bit too much driving, on the whole (we had two days of six-hour drives), but well worth it to fit in so many great places and sights.

    Kevin: Yes. We timed it to be away on purpose. I just couldn’t face trying to do ‘normal’ working life while that was going on…

    Jerry: Ha ha!

  7. Amanda Says:

    You were passing by our door and didn’t pop in for a cup of tea? *sulks*

  8. Soilman Says:

    Amanda: Er, um… sorry. I was on rather a tight schedule and – being British – wouldn’t have wanted to inconvenience anyone. Might I have seen your place from the top of the CN tower!???

  9. Amanda Says:

    Not quite – we’re in the sticks halfway between Montreal and Toronto. But if you’re ever passing again you’d be welcome to drop by. Glad you had a good trip!

  10. Christina Says:

    If you ever find yourself on the West Coast of the US, let me know!

    I’m glad you had such a nice trip!

  11. Jaette Says:

    Soilman – Missed the post in time, but I wanted to add one point of geographical correction. Vermont has the Green Mountains, while the White Mountains reside almost entirely within New Hampshire. Doesn’t change how nice they look, but I suspect it matters to some.

  12. Soilman Says:

    Thanks Jaette. As ever, a timely and appropriate intervention!