It ain’t ‘alf ‘ot

This is a very odd country.

On Sunday evening, the temperature was 10C. It had rained lavishly for six weeks. There was water everywhere – great pools of it sloshing all over the roads, pavements and paths. It was gloomy, dank and chilly. By 6pm, you could see your breath.

It was, in short, bloody miserable.

Fast forward 36 hrs to Tuesday morning. Welcome to mid-summer: 28C, scorching sun, drying earth, claggy shirt sticking to the sweat on your back. Bees buzzing. The co-mingled suburban smells of dust, wisteria and roasting asphalt.

We’ve had three days of it now, and it’s bliss. Albeit bliss tempered with fear – in the UK, you know it won’t last. “Three fine days and a thunderstorm”, as one of our monarchs famously described the British summer.

I’m not too bothered. Just having seen the sun, however briefly, is enough. It’s still there. It’s still possible.

We’re not – after all – living in Hell.

3 Responses to “It ain’t ‘alf ‘ot”

  1. Tanya Walton Says:

    I am loving the weather…hoping to get plenty done on the allotment this weekend. I have a week off over the bank holiday so I’m sure that’s when it will turn miserable again!!

  2. Amy Says:

    Too true. I think I’ve germinated more seeds in the last week than I have all year. Mind you I’m not exactly hopeful that peppers and tomatoes germinated in May will actually manage to produce anything before autumn but at least it’s less space for the weeds.

  3. Tom Says:

    Oh yes, the allotment… time to go and deal w it.