Service interrupted by Works

New roomI’ve not been near a growing vegetable for four weeks. Apologies. Reason: See pic.

There are works at Soilman Towers, and they’ve been distracting me. By way of illustration, consider the lunch I ‘enjoyed’ not 10 mins ago. It consisted of microwaved/reheated Chinese takeaway noodles eaten off a paper plate with a plastic fork, accompanied by the whine of an angle-grinder. This is my new life.

It won’t last much longer – in theory, another three or four weeks. But ominously, the builders said those dread words “ready in time for Christmas”.

Which means we’re FUCKED.

6 Responses to “Service interrupted by Works”

  1. Tanya Walton Says:

    Well I hope in your absence the allotment has managed to keep itself going and not turned itself into a field!!!

    Just think of all the hard work you are going to have once the renovations are finished…at home and on the plot!!


    You lucky sod 4 weeks off !!. I am as usual trying to cram everything in one day because of other time constraints managed to do 6 hours yesterday and boy I know all about it today. Back ache, leg ache and muscles hurting in my glutomous maximus that I didn’t even know I had. Does this stop me no, I am like a mad person setting myself impossible goals. the thing is I know I am doing it but just cannot stop myself.

    Is there an allotment counsellor out there who can tell me it is alright to take things slowly, if so how can I actually do this.

  3. Simon Says:

    Is that a blue fence i the background? Pretty cool if so.

  4. Jerry Channell Says:

    Hey SM, as long as O’Reilly isn’t doing the work you should be fine… but you may want to invest in a garden gnome just in case…

  5. Rachel Says:

    Dear Soilman, just came across your blog and have read a lot of it already. Most enjoyable. However 4 weeks are up now and I was wondering when you might be ready to post again and if the works have gone to plan.

  6. Soilman Says:

    Hi Rachel

    Yes, it’s almost done now… a fortnight to go!

    I’m planning to get back on the plot before the end of October – God willing. And I’m gonna really need to: after six weeks, I’m guessing it’s a field!