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The ultimate sin

I did something heinous and heretical today: I paid somebody to dig over part of my allotment. Had lunch with a friend yesterday and confessed. He was aghast.

“Er, but this is your hobby… right?”

I could only agree.

“You do it for pleasure?”

I nodded.

“And now you’re paying somebody to do something you would normally enjoy?”

He sipped his drink and considered this for a minute.

“So when are you going to start paying this guy to shag your wife?”

The logic was, and is, ineluctable. It is absurd. I am paying a man to live my life. Worst of all, it feels like the right thing to do.

Why? Because I work my arse off all the time and I spent the winter supervising a building project. There’s been no time to do a damn thing I wanted.

This is how I rationalise it anyway. It’s still shit.

Posted on 2nd March 2013
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