First asparagus of 2013

First asparagusVery exciting to see some asparagus at last. More than a month after the earliest date I’ve cut it, but better late than never. This lot will make a very welcome supper.

The potatoes remain a mystery. Still no sign of ’em, and I’m afraid there never will be. One suspicious piece of evidence: I gave a few to my mother, who lives at the opposite end of the country – and none of hers have come up either.

Is there such a thing as dud seed potato?

Postscript, May 10th: Two tiny leaves have finally appeared today. That’s two plants out of 50 seed potatoes planted.

BUT it may mean the others are following on behind. Let’s hope.

3 Responses to “First asparagus of 2013”

  1. Lee Says:

    That’s a bummer about your spuds. What type were they and where’d you get them from?

  2. Simon Taylor Says:

    Hi – how long should it be before I see anything popping up after planting asparagus crowns? I put mine in about three weeks ago, nothing showing yet! Thanks, Si

  3. Soilman Says:

    Should be very soon, Simon… but keep them well watered, esp in this warm weather.