2013: Through the looking glass

early and maincrop potatoesThis is the view of my vegetable plot today. All nice and familiar – if a little backward – for the time of year. Early potatoes in the background, maincrop in the foreground. Lovely.

Except that it’s the other way round.

Yup: the maincrops are the ones at the back. The tiny haulms getting their first earthing up are my ‘first early’ (ha ha) Rocket spuds.

I put the earlies in the ground in March – on St Patrick’s day, as usual. Then they disappeared. Too damn cold. Now they’re tragically retarded, due for cropping probably as late as mid July.

It’s all a bit of a clusterfuck.

2 Responses to “2013: Through the looking glass”

  1. altadenahiker Says:

    Looks like they’re trying to unsubscribe, Soilman.

  2. Tanya Walton Says:

    I don’t tend to plant when the packets say you should…just go with the weather. I planted my potatoes out A LOT later than you and they are all very healthy and green above the ground.