No posts, because no gardening

No activity on this blog because there’s been so little movement on the allotment.

It’s still so very cold. My roses, blooming at the end of May in a good year, are barely out of winter dormancy. Chestnut trees, usually in full flower on May 1st, have only just produced their first white candles.

I had to re-sow my cauliflowers last night. The first batch, sown in early April, were stunted and hopeless. It’s just too bloody cold for anything to grow properly.

The worst of it is that the weather pattern is beginning to look depressingly like last year’s: A low jetstream ‘trapped’ over the UK bringing endless low pressure weather systems from the northern Atlantic.

I really don’t think I can face a fourth CRAP summer in a row.

7 Responses to “No posts, because no gardening”

  1. Tanya Walton Says:

    I have been so busy in my part of the UK and everything is looking good. Hope you soon get some decent weather SM.

  2. VP Says:

    Please don’t let it be so 🙁

  3. rainman Says:

    Sorry to do this but over here on the other end of the planet we’re having a cracker of an autumn. Just a few weeks from the shortest day and there’s still lots of blue skies and temps in the high teens. Maybe the tilt of the planet is off?

  4. Soilman Says:

    Cruel, Rainman, too cruel….

  5. Andy Says:

    London calling. Broad beans (sown in autumn) and early spuds showing well. But that’s about it. Slug / snail raid on cold frame mullered me courgette seedlings. Bean seedlings in cold frame are stunted and those indoors are spindly. Guy on the next allotment lost it yest and threw out all his seed trays, went down the garden centre, bought a load of veg and stuck it in mumbling to himself ‘Sassafrassarassum…I’m not proud etc’
    C’mon Soilman chin up.

  6. Simon Says:

    We are growing sweetcorn for the exhibition class in the show this year. None of mine have germinated yet. From the sweet corn bed I pulled up a bit of annoying couch grass yesterday, and – oh yes – one sweet corn had in fact germinated. And to make matters, one of colleagues calmly told me that _all_ his sweetcorn has germinated. It’ll work out in the end SM, don’t panic.

  7. Soilman Says:

    About half of my corn has germinated, Simon. Of the rest, no sign.
    Still so cold; and it’s going to be like early March for the next 48hrs.