Of cabbages and Autumn Kings

young carrotsHad a fabulous day on Tuesday. A full six hours at my allotment without interruptions, additions, chores, tasks or interference. AND the sun was shining.

I realised later that this was the first time in more than four years that I’ve been able to enjoy my vegetable gardening at leisure: no clock-watching, no frantic weed tugging in a tightly-defined 10-min window between other pressing engagements. It was bliss.

The bad news, of course, is that it got me thinking about my life in general. The most appropriate question arising: What life?

All I do, essentially, is work. When I’m not working (unusual) I’m trying to fit into the few pathetic remaining hours of the week all the tedious chores and domestic tasks I can’t do at work. Gardening is forced into a very lowly position on my list of priorities.

young beetroot plantsI know whingeing is unattractive. I also know lots of you reading this will be recognising your own lives in this rant and thinking “Get over it, Soilman. Grow a pair.”

I have no answer to that. But I promise you: If I figure out a way to work less and garden more, I’ll be sharing it with you here.

4 Responses to “Of cabbages and Autumn Kings”

  1. rainman Says:

    Actually, I’m thinking “I can so relate”. If ever you figure out how to get more gardening and less working, please do share it. I would love to know.

    Also. that’s nice looking soil.

  2. Kath Says:

    I understand where you’re coming from, but after being laid off and looking for work for a few months…I’m thinking work wouldn’t be so bad. Although I’m sure a few months after I land a job I’ll be back to complaining :-). The upside is we’re having a heat wave (very unusual in the PWN) and we’ll see temps between 26 and 33C. Maybe I’ll have peppers and tomatoes after all!

  3. Soilman Says:

    That comment was just what I needed to hear, Kath. Thank you – and my deepest sympathies. I do hope you find something suitable soon. Unemployment is the biggest misery of all.

  4. Tanya Walton Says:

    I would love to have more time in the garden….however I do enjoy every minute I get there…even in the rain and wind and weeds!!!!!