The sun is out. The matrix has reloaded.

Incredibly, there is sunshine today. At 12C, it’s not exactly the Sahara… but it sure feels like it after the winter we’ve endured.

I went to the plot. I planted onion sets, cleared the asparagus bed and spread manure. It felt good.

Why can’t I live in Italy? 12C is about as bad as it gets in, say, Sicily. I could grow melons, lemons and oranges – and peaches and nectarines. Bloody marvellous.

Instead, I’m living in this shithole. Buggeration.

5 Responses to “The sun is out. The matrix has reloaded.”

  1. Rampant_Weasel Says:

    it feld good? well done sounds like you have rediscovered the excitement of gardening.been worried you had lost it forever recently.
    btw in sicily do they have the delights of delicous spring cabbage picked b4 its ready? the taste is fantastic!

  2. Christina Says:

    Hooray for spring! I hope the warm weather continues and you get to spend time pretending you’re in Italy.

  3. Tanya Walton Says:

    I think we all wish we lived elsewhere at the ,moment SM. Hopefully things are on the up temperature wise for the rest of this year now though!!

  4. Zia Says:

    I’m sure you could grow oranges, lemons, aubergines, etc in the south of England (in pots, mind) to help pretend you’re living in Sicily. My citrus trees are (as of last week) thriving outside, although unfortunately, it looks as though the grapevine has died overwinter – nothing like a thriving leafy grapevine to make the garden look positively Mediterranean.

  5. Simon Clarke Says:

    “This shithole” – The UK? The Home Counties? Your suburban semi? Earth? Clarification needed I feel…