Happier times: Summer holidays

Greek theatre in Taormina, SicilyIt’s a difficult, gloomy time of  year. In the UK, we’ve had gales and pouring rain for a fortnight. Most of the country’s under weather warnings as I write, and no doubt tomorrow’s TV news will bring the familiar shots of shivering folk being ferried from their submerged homes in rubber boats.

It is, in short, shit.

So my thoughts turn to sunnier days. In the dark dirge of winter, it’s hard to imagine summer was ever even possible, far less that it happened – and that you were there.

My Sicilian photos prove otherwise. It all seems dreamy and surreal now, but there WAS once sunshine and there WILL be again. I have to repeat this to myself several times a day.

I really, really shouldn’t have been born in a high latitude. It doesn’t suit me. I’m a creature of light and sunshine. The darkness fucks me up.

2 Responses to “Happier times: Summer holidays”

  1. Tanya Walton Says:

    I think the darkness affects all of us SM…I think we should hibernate for the winter…curling up for a good long sleep through all the rubbish weather sounds like a great plan to me!!

    At least things are on the up…the winter solstice has passed so even as the days get colder they will still get longer!!

  2. rainmain Says:

    “Darkness fucks me up.”

    Me too, buddy, me too. I have difficulties with the mild winters in NZ, don’t know how you lot cope over there.