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Downy mildew: NOT just for cool, wet seasons

Downy mildewDowny mildew is a bugger. “A disease of cool, damp seasons,” opines Dr Hessayon, my usual consultant on these matters.

Utter bollocks, sadly (though Hessayon’s rarely wrong). We’re having one of the hottest, driest summers ever – and I’ve still got mildew.

Last year we had one of the wettest summers ever, and I had the best onions I’ve ever grown. Row upon row of flawless whoppers… which stored perfectly. In fact, we’re still eating them.

My theory is that mildew is caused not by damp and cold in summer, but in early Spring. We had dream Spring weather last year, and I reaped the rewards.

Not so 2010, which is turning out to be pretty dire for vegetable growers – at least, round my way. I’ve never had such a lousy crop of almost everything.

How are you doing?

Posted on 7th July 2010
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Another tomato problem

Some rather grim news about a new tomato bug that’s arrived in the UK.

Tuta Absoluta sounds like an Austin Powers love interest, but it’s clearly going to be yet another source of heartbreak for the tomato grower.

I’ve already given up growing tomatoes on my allotment – blight strikes down everyone’s crop every year. Now I’m thinking twice about growing them at home, too.

Anyone actually encountered this problem where you grow? Just how bad is it?

Posted on 7th December 2009
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