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Wanted: Dead or Alive (but dead is, like, better)

cauliflower seedlingsEvil bastard molluscs. As always happens at least once in Spring (because it’s 12 months since the last time, and I forget to take precautions), a slug/snail got into my mini greenhouse and made merry with my cauliflower seedlings. I’m left with 8 out of the original 24 plants.

Shit, shit, shit, shit.

I’ve done my tooth gnashing and cursing. Now I’m frosty, making cold plans for mollusc genocide. This is going to be the Big One, the Final Solution (if that’s not too distasteful a reference).

Molluscs, wherever you are: I’m coming after you. You can run, but you can’t hide.


Posted on 19th May 2012
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Another tomato problem

Some rather grim news about a new tomato bug that’s arrived in the UK.

Tuta Absoluta sounds like an Austin Powers love interest, but it’s clearly going to be yet another source of heartbreak for the tomato grower.

I’ve already given up growing tomatoes on my allotment – blight strikes down everyone’s crop every year. Now I’m thinking twice about growing them at home, too.

Anyone actually encountered this problem where you grow? Just how bad is it?

Posted on 7th December 2009
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Massacre by night: Slugs eat the lot

Overwintering cauliflowers ruined by slug

Bastard, bastard, bastard.

These were my overwintering cauliflowers.  I left them on the patio floor, by mistake, for just one night. Too late to sow any more, so no Spring cauliflowers next year.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.

The fat, smug, belching sonofabitch you see in this picture has departed this life. Naturally, I tortured it first.

Posted on 15th August 2009
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Asparagus beetle eggs

Asparagus beetle eggsYuck, yuck, yuck. Asparagus beetle eggs laid on the tips of the spears.

I don’t get much grief from asparagus beetle. They get squashed, with maximum prejudice, when I spot them. But it’s rare, and they do very little damage to my plants.

They do, however, lay their eggs on my supper. I’m sure they’re fine to eat, but I do find myself assiduously scraping them off. It’s the thought, you see: creepy-crawly eggs. Yikes. I’m a non-celebrity allotmenteer – get me out of here!

Posted on 28th May 2009
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Nibbled by night

Carrot eaten by something small and nasty

Wretched nibblers. They’ve moved from the decimated beetroot to the carrots.

Rats and/or mice are still the main suspects. Rabbits would have eaten the greenery, too.

It’s all very tiresome. My allotment isn’t meant to be a rodent welfare/drop-in centre. It never has been before. Whence this vexing rodent glut?

Posted on 12th November 2008
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Who’s eating my beet??

Beetroot nibbled by miceThis is a depressing sight. Some bastard has been nibbling my beetroot.

I have a whole new row of these ready, and I was looking forward to harvesting them… when I found this. On every bloody plant.

I suspect mice. The tiny teeth marks are fairly diagnostic.

I could weep. This season is my worst ever. I’ve never had such a poor harvest and/or such rapacious weeds.

Posted on 17th September 2008
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