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First strawberry crop

StrawberriesWell, here’s my first strawberry crop. Never grown soft fruit before.

I thought it would be a lot of aggro – and so it has largely proved. Strawberries are a bugger because of a) the runners they produce in late summer, and b) the difficulty of keeping them weed free. It’s not been easy.

Has it been worth it? Well, almost. We’ve had four plastic pots full so far, with the promise of at least as much again. In the shops that would be about £40 worth.

So yes, it’s financially worth it. But the labour and the nettle stings (I never did get rid of them all) have been tiresome. Raspberries are easier.

Will I grow them again? Probably. Hate giving things up once I’ve started.

Posted on 4th July 2013
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