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Here comes the sun


After three summers of truly shite weather, the UK is finally seeing some sunshine. It’s 26C (hot by our standards) and it’s predicted to last for at least a week.

Can you imagine? A WHOLE BLOODY WEEK!!

I enjoyed an hour at my allotment last night doing some desultory weeding and watering, but mostly just marvelling at the simple pleasure of feeling the evening sun on my back and watching a slow, late sunset.

As a Californian colleague once told me, the best bit about living in the UK is seeing how overjoyed – how genuinely, riotously happy – everyone is made by a few days of clear weather. “If only it took so little to make most people delirious.”

I guess you have to be British to really understand that.

Posted on 5th July 2013
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UK weather forecast: we’re all doomed

The portentous and self-important group of meteorologists and climatologists have delivered their verdict: it may rain for the next 10 years.

Or, er, it may not. Perhaps.

This is such tremendous horseshit. Meteorologists in the UK struggle – by their own admission – to forecast the weather accurately more than three days ahead. This very week, I have watched as their 48-hour forecasts have changed almost hourly… without ever being correct, even then.

There is not a snowball’s hope in hell of their calling this one right. The last few years of crap summers may be no indicator whatsoever of anything. Purely random, unpredictable, inexplicable. After all, as I’ve written on this blog, it’s happened before (1310-1330).

But that doesn’t stop them issuing their pointless edicts and predictions. People just can’t resist trying to foretell the future.

UPDATE, 10th July: In light of the current weather – forecast to continue for the whole of July – it’s clear that the meteorologists were indeed talking utter bollocks.

Posted on 19th June 2013
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