Artichoke leaves dipped in butter and lemon juice

globe artichokesYum, yum. My favourite summer tipple, timed to perfection for my birthday.

Globe artichokes take up a lot of space, and you don’t get much food from them. BUT what you do get is rather delicious: I love the smell of artichokes boiling in the kitchen. They have a mealy, earthy, aromatic tang that fills the whole house and makes me drool with hunger.

They are best consumed cooled, dipping each leaf in a mixture of melted butter, pepper and lemon juice.

Heaven on a plate.

Posted on 19th June 2011
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Globe artichokes come through the winter

Globe artichokesThe globe artichokes survived the winter… just. I’m surprised, because they weren’t covered in fleece or protected against frost in any way.

Maybe I just got lucky; I notice that other folks’ plants haven’t fared so well.

I could take this lovely April weather as a sign of things to come, but I made that mistake last year (as did the UK meteorological office). I may even have done it the year before, too.

It’s always a mistake to predict the weather in Britain. This country is a graveyard of meteorologists’ ambitions – just think of poor old Michael Fish. Turns out he didn’t fuck up the hurricane forecast, but it will haunt him to the end of his days.

Best to assume it will all be shit. Usually is.

Posted on 24th April 2010
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Artichokes in flower

Globe artichoke flowerI should have cut this off, but I didn’t have the heart. Besides, I’m kind of curious to see what it’s like. I’ve never seen a globe artichoke in flower.

I grew these from seed, and they’ve been surprisingly successful. They all got pretty big, and they’re obviously keen to form flowers.

I reckon next year I’ll get a great harvest. If the frosts don’t get ’em, that is.

A bloody big ‘if’.

Posted on 23rd September 2009
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Emerging lilies

Emerging lilies Yes! Yes! Yes!

Here they come – the highlight of the summer. I’m addicted to the smell of lilies in bloom, and I grow a dozen varieties in pots and flower beds. Come July, the smell in my garden is strong enough to kill at 100 yards.

On a different note: Anyone know anything about globe artichokes? I sowed some seed a fortnight ago (in an unheated greenhouse), but it’s done nothing. And I mean nothing; I poked about in the compost and the seeds are still obstinately intact.

Is this normal? Will they only germinate in warmer weather? Or do I have dud seeds?

Posted on 21st March 2009
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