Celeriac: not quite yet…

celeriac in potsAstonishingly, my potatoes appear to be coming back… thank Heaven. Thanks to everyone who expressed sympathy, and good luck to those who suffered the same fate. Hope yours are recovering too.

My thoughts have now turned to the pot-bound plants that desperately need to get out on the plot – such as this celeriac.

Normally, I’d have planted them out by now. But this year, I simply daren’t – I have a nasty feeling that Winter hasn’t quite finished with us yet, despite the gorgeous 23C sunshine we’re enjoying this weekend.

my 10km run this morningSo I’m going to have a nervous breakdown trying to get everything out next weekend… when I assume it will piss with rain 24/7.

At least today I got a good run in the log book. This route was absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t recommend it highly enough – for a jog, walk, run, whatever.

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Celeriac is go

celeriac seedlings

It’s here. Only eight months until it’s ready. Er…

Sorry I’ve not posted a picture of my shed (you guys must be SO gutted). Not had time. Busy week.

I’ll hopefully be posting some unusual garden pictures over the next few days…

Posted on 24th February 2010
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Celeriac: Better late than never

Celeriac seedsI’ve started a bit late this year. Celeriac usually gets sown end of January, because it needs a long, long growing season to achieve any size (and even then it sometimes fails to deliver much of a bulb).

The good news about a wet summer is that you get monster celeriac. In SE Britain, it was horribly dry last year so I got rubbish. I don’t want a pissing summer, God knows, but there is an upside.

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Celeriac update

Celeriac foliage Celeriac root

Well, I survived it. Thank Heaven. Actually, this year was quite a good one… and I don’t say that too often about Christmas.

Here’s the celeriac update I promised. My high hopes at the start of the year resulted in a row of shite. Well, at least this year they weren’t stolen (what kind of brain-dead thief would swipe these?).

As you can see, the foliage looks promising… but there’s no bulb underneath. Reason: the driest summer I can ever remember. Celeriac is a swampy plant that demands damp soil. And this year, I simply couldn’t provide.

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Celeriac 2009: Will I get to eat it this year?

Celeriac seedlings

Well, here we go again. Celeriac’s always first up because it takes so bloody long to grow.

These were sown weeks ago, but they’re still minuscule. Haven’t even got their first true leaves yet.

They’ll get there in the end, but the waiting is pretty painful. This time, perhaps, I’ll manage to harvest them before the phantom celeriac thief on our site. Sonofabitch stole a dozen of my plants last October, and I’m still very bitter about it.

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Celeriac seeds are go!

Well here it is: the first seed sowing of the season. And the first alliteration.

This is celeriac, which needs a long, long growing season to achieve any size. I sow the seeds indoors, transferring to individual pots when the seedlings are established. To simplify the process, I’m experimenting with these expanding peat pockets.

And yeah, I know I shouldn’t be using peat. Gimme a break; it’s the only time I touch the stuff for anything.

Peat pockets Pockets in tray

Pockets expanding in water Seeds sown in propagator

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