Oh God: Jerusalem artichokes EVERY NIGHT

Jerusalemn artichokesI have so many Jerusalem artichokes I’m close to despair. This is just a fraction of the huge haul from Sunday’s Great Clearance Works.

Managed to foist a bagful on a luckless work colleague (thanks Celia!), but it’s like trying to bail out the Atlantic Ocean with a thimble.

I’m keeping quiet about the gastroentiritic side-effects, but the word seems to be out. “Fuck no, don’t eat them – you’ll fart to death,” was one colleague’s unhelpful advice to an artichoke virgin whom I’d cajoled to the brink of accepting some.

There’s nothing for it. I’ll just have to eat artichokes for a week, and nothing else. Wife’s away for 10 days from Sunday, so I can barricade the door, lay in stocks of air freshener and go for it.

Posted on 23rd March 2010
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The eat-free diet

Leeks, parsnips and Jerusalem artichokesOn the menu tonight:

• Parsnip, onion, porcini and Jerusalem artichoke soup (tastes a lot better than it sounds)
• Ham, potato and leek casserole

Bit of a calorie nightmare, but probably just about within the bounds of my new diet. I’m now into the action phase of my face-facts-you’re-fat campaign.

Somehow, I have to lose half a stone.

Posted on 31st January 2009
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Free, but at a cost

Last carrotsLooking pretty shabby now, but I’m still eating them. Just enough carrots left for Christmas day, with a bit of luck.

I also have BUCKETS of Jerusalem artichokes. Managed to shift some on to another unsuspecting relative, but I’m running out of outlets. The word is out: death by flatulence isn’t attractive, even when I’m giving them away.

Guess even the free things in life can sometimes be too expensive.

Posted on 22nd December 2008
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Digging Jerusalem artichokes

Posted on 31st October 2008
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Favourite vegetable flower?

Yellow flowering artichokesTook their time, but they’re worth waiting for.

Vegetables rarely have very attractive flowers, but Jerusalem artichokes are an exception. They’re most welcome in October, when everything else is on the way out.

I’m also fond of leek flowers, and certain varieties of potato can be lovely in July.

What’s your favourite vegetable flower? And does anyone know: Can you eat artichoke flowers, as you can with courgettes?

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Posted on 6th October 2008
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When do I dig Jerusalem artichokes?

Jerusalem artichokesI knew they’d get big, but I wasn’t prepared for this.

The Jerusalem artichokes are about 8ft tall, and still growing. I’m told they’ll flower soon, but I’m not holding my breath: the UK weather has been beyond awful. Even by our low, low standards.

To be honest, I don’t know when to harvest them, or how to know they’re ready. Never grown them before.

Anyone out there got any top fartichoke expertise to guide me?

(PS Any hints for reducing the wind effect would also be most welcome. It’s like castor oil without the follow-through.)

Posted on 3rd September 2008
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