Time for another half?

New allotmentsOne of the new plot-holders has realised that the brambles will be back if the earth isn’t covered. Which is encouraging; perhaps (s)he knows a bit about gardening.

But it’s still the only plot that’s been marked out so far. And the only one to see a spade turned in anger.

Perhaps I should apply for another half plot? After all, the hours between midnight and 7am are under-used in my regular schedule.

And what with my cholesterol and fatty liver, I could do with the exercise.

Posted on 3rd December 2008
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The new plots

The new allotments

Looks pretty rough now. But this grotty, excavated terrain is due to host another 30-odd allotments.

All very exciting. But they’d better mark out the plots and get them allocated quickly; those bramble roots will be regrouping as I write…

Posted on 10th November 2008
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Clearing the bush for new allotments

Changing the allotmentAstonishing. Our allotment site is becoming posh!

Half the site’s always been unused and covered in brambles. Which was a pain, because they provided shelter for the rats and encroached on our plots all the time.

But no more. Apparently there are 60 people on our allotment waiting list. So the brambles are coming down.

It’s great. We’re going to get properly measured plots (gosh), proper roadways for cars (wow)… even a car park (gasp).

It’s all super. Except, of course, that most of those 60 wannabes won’t be here in 12 months. Nor will their replacements. Allotmenteering is harder than most folks realise.

And then the brambles will be back, I guess.

Posted on 4th November 2008
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