Time for another half?

New allotmentsOne of the new plot-holders has realised that the brambles will be back if the earth isn’t covered. Which is encouraging; perhaps (s)he knows a bit about gardening.

But it’s still the only plot that’s been marked out so far. And the only one to see a spade turned in anger.

Perhaps I should apply for another half plot? After all, the hours between midnight and 7am are under-used in my regular schedule.

And what with my cholesterol and fatty liver, I could do with the exercise.

6 Responses to “Time for another half?”

  1. Patrick Says:

    I’m going to try to take on another plot for next year. I say try, because I’m not sure it’s technically allowed.

    I already have a double plot with the complex I’m at, and they won’t give me any more. My name has come up on a waiting list elsewhere, and I’ve been offered a small plot there.

    It’s going to be a test to see how cross-referenced all these records are. I don’t really know what to expect or what the rules are…

  2. Matron Says:

    What a great way of thinking about it. You won’t see me inside an expensive gym! when I can be outdoors digging and gardening my way to health. You only have to look at all these old boys who dig allotments well into their 90s!

  3. Soilman Says:

    Patrick: I’m sure they won’t check. They certainly wouldn’t in the UK. No agency, official or otherwise, seems to have a clue what any of the others are doing. That’s why children seem to die so routinely in our splendid social service system. (Ooo, controversial).

    Matron: It’s true that allotmenteers seem to live forever. There are several 80-year-olds on our site cracking on with it

  4. Cat Says:

    …but I’m sure what information they may have on allotment -eers over here, may be “forgotten” on a train, or nicked out an unlocked car? To then be handed into the News of the World!

    Or, rather than take another plot, you could just watch other people digging and keep your plot and possibly drink more wine from the warmth of your house. Now THAT is a plan.

  5. Soilman Says:

    It’s an excellent plan, Cat. Unimprovable, in fact.

  6. Liz Says:

    I’d say go for another half plot! Go on… do it! I’ve got a double plot and I think I wouldn’t need much less time if I had half the space – weird I know but there are some things which need to be done regardless of how much space you’ve got. And if you’re in charge of the plot next door you won’t get frustrated when your neighbours don’t weed and all the seeds blow onto your plot – which is what always happens to me! Grrrr!